Dauley Contracting: The Origin Story

Hey! Thank you for opening this!

Believe it or not, at one point, I was only 21 snowflakes tall. It may sound unbelievable, but I have irrefutable proof:

Irrefutable photographic evidence

Back in 1990, even before my brother Earl reached any snowflakes in height, our dad founded Dauley Contracting, Inc., a broadband cable company that supported our family for over 20 years.

A lot of hard work went into that business. Year-round, in Massachusetts, my dad and his team worked in bucket trucks on busy roads, running conduit and splicing cable to connect us all. Not to mention everything my mom did to keep things afloat.

Fast forward to six months ago, when I asked my dad if I could revive Dauley Contracting, and he gave me his blessing for Dauley Contracting, LLC!

My blessings-received-face

The new Dauley Contracting extends my own professional work, offering comprehensive analytics suites for businesses small and large, aiming to optimize operations through leveraging data.

Before I go further – have you noticed the common thread in all these photos? Hint: it’s usually red and resembles the TikTok logo! Speaking of which…

Me: And no, this isn’t going to turn into a plug for a TikTok account to follow…
You: Suuureee it isn’t… (I can’t help myself at this point)

To mark this new era for Dauley Contracting, I collaborated with the fantastic team at Alluring Media Co. to develop a fresh brand, as our focus shifted away from broadband cable. So meet the new Dauley Contracting! Connecting your family name to a business brings immense pride and responsibility, one that I don’t take lightly. Though we no longer deal with cable, I aspire to emulate my parent’s strong work ethic, which sustained the business for so many years.

The new face of DC!

Drawing parallels, I aim to connect businesses with their data, just as my dad paved the way for them to connect with the world. Is that too much of a stretch? Okay, okay, maybe it is.

But I had to try!

While Dauley Contracting keeps us (me) busy, supporting myself through this enterprise, my goal is sustainable growth, and I welcome conversations. So hit me up – Dauley Contracting offers comprehensive IT services & consulting to businesses in the Tampa Bay area!

These days, even though I’m probably like 40 snowflakes tall, some things haven’t changed from the old Dauley Contracting days. I still hug dogs, throw up double peace signs if you take a picture of me while I’m working, and try to catch butterflies on my finger when the opportunity presents itself.

And now more than ever, I’ve got that Dauley Contracting blood coursing through my veins!

The end. Sort of.

Me writing this vs. you reading this

By the way, I promise I wore other shirts growing up. But here are some bonus shots for the non-believers. I am going to keep with the theme though, because this story was about Dauley Contracting. Remember?

My mom in the limited edition windbreaker
Poppy rocking the alternate color way
Earl mowing the lawn sporting the sponsored baseball short sleeve over the turtleneck long sleeve
Earl and I in Florida (how fitting) back in ‘98 (and yes, that was a DC shirt)
My mom and us out for a hike in the red crew neck
A nice shot of my grandfather and I in ‘99, with the iconic tied jacket look

Thank you for letting me share! This is the real end.

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